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Destination zugspitze

With high pressure in the snow

  • Railway

When “the mountain calls” HANSA‑FLEX is on the spot. The system provider covering the various aspects of hydraulics is also active on Germany’s utmost peak, the 2.962 meter high Zugspitze. There, HANS-FLEX supports the service technicians of the Zugspitzbahn AG in hydraulic matters and takes part in providing tourists, hikers and skiers with the possibility to experience untroubled and safe hours in this area. In doing so, the HANSA‑FLEX subsidiary HDS Hydraulik GmbH intensively attends to the Kässbohrer snow cats used on the ski slopes. 


This region offers attractions at any time of the year. The Zugspitze was first mentioned by name in 1590. The name supposedly originated in the many avalanche trails found on the steep slopes of the northern mountain base, which slowly awakened interest in the 19th century. In August 1820, Lieutenant Josef Naus was the first person to climb this peak, according to historical tradition. On some routes, this tour still presents a challenge to the alpinists.  Today, most visitors reach the top, which also houses a meteorological station of the German Weather Service since 100 years, considerably easier via mountain railway or cable car.

To the top

Meanwhile with the Zugspitzbahn, operating since 75 years as cogwheel railway, the mountain scenery reveals itself in less than one hour and is reached at a speed of up to 70 km/h. The Eibsee-cable car, which allows a one-of-a-kind view on the Werdenfelser Country and the Eibsee offers an alternative. The glacier cable car leads to the Schneeferner glacier, where Germany’s highest located church can be found.


From the observation deck of the Zugspitzplatt an impressive four country panoramic view can be enjoyed. Anyone who wishes can also cross the border from Germany’s highest peak into the neighbouring Austria/Tyrol. Skiers find ideal conditions from November until March for enjoyable ski-runs, offering all levels of difficulty in a height of 2.000 to 2.720 meters. Five lifts and one cable car are equipped to transport 11.640 winter athletes per hour.

However, not only tourists reach the top by cogwheel railway, but also everything necessary for the operation of the mountain station and the preparation of the 21,2 kilometre slopes on Germany’s unique glacier ski area. Thus, for instance, snow cannons and snow cats for the maintenance of the ski slopes are transported on the mountain via cogwheel railway. The Zugspitzbahn AG uses a fleet of snow cats to distribute, secure and level the snow masses. By the way, the powerful Kässbohre slope bullies are demounted into single assemblies and transported per cogwheel railway to the top area, where they are assembled by the manufacturer’s technicians.

Quick partner at the base

Of course cogwheel and glacier railway, as well as Eibsee cable car cannot do without hydraulics either. Thus, for example, the emergency drives are operated electro-hydraulically or diesel-hydraulically, respectively. Since eight years the HANSA‑FLEX subsidiary in Garching has been supporting the service technicians of the Zugspitzbahn AG in the maintenance of the cogwheel railway, but also the cable and glacier car in all matters of hydraulic hose lines, connections and fittings. All mountain railways must be trouble-free and absolutely safe. Each unplanned standstill of the cogwheel railway, which can transport a maximum of 720 persons per hour, affects the leave days of the vacationers and can result in grave consequences.

Hence, the Zugspitzbahn AG operates its own workshop at the base station, whose service technicians carry out all repair and maintenance work, including the independent production and assembly of spare hose lines for the cogwheel railway, as well as the cable car. In doing so, they are supported by Hans Stemmer of the HANSA‑FLEX subsidiary in Garching with technical know-how. He supplies the workshop with everything that is needed in the way of hydraulic spare parts. As partner of first choice for the Zugspitzbahn AG, HANSA‑FLEX is on site when “the mountain calls”, come wind or weather and in case of emergency also on a 24-hour basis. This quick availability and the reliable quality of HANSA‑FLEX products have turned the Zugspitzbahn AG into a satisfied customer of long standing.


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