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Combine theory and practice in dual studies

Do you want to gain work experience and put your skills directly into practice while diving much deeper into the subject matter? Then our dual studies courses are exactly right for you! Your studies at HANSA‑FLEX in business administration, computer science, industrial engineering or mechanical engineering offer a variety of courses and practicums with international recognition.

Current study programmes

From business administration and computer science to mechanical engineering: our degree programmes

Whether you’re doing a bachelor’s degree in business administration, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science— we put theory into practice!

  • Business administration: The study programme for office managers

    For your dual studies programme in business administration, you’ll be attending classes at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. You will be taught various core elements so you can apply your technical and methodological knowledge in a business-oriented manner in your everyday work. You’ll have a varied schedule every three months during your practicum, working in a variety of areas of the company. Of course, you’re welcome to complete the more intensive part of your practicum at one of our branches abroad. Still not quite convinced? After the first two years, you can also take the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) examination to become an office management clerk. Worried about the costs? We’ll cover them to make sure all your doors remain open.

  • Computer science: The study programme for IT enthusiasts

    During your studies of computer science at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, you’ll be closely supervised by our company trainers. You’ll learn to employ your technical know-how in dealing with the programming languages ABAP and JAVA, eventually participating in our internal IT projects during the intensive phase of your practicum. In the end, you’re not only getting your bachelor’s degree in computer science but a complete training to boot. As an IT specialist, you’re ideally equipped to support and further develop our SAP landscapes.

  • Industrial engineering: The study programme for all-rounders

    During your studies as an industrial engineer at the Private Hochschule für Wirtschaft & Technik (PHWT) in Diepholz, you’ll become the go-to between engineers and business economists, learning how the technical and business processes in a company work and how to find solutions for typical engineering challenges. You’ll be working in various departments such as Technology, Purchasing and Business SAP before specialising in the sixth semester.

Mechanical engineering: The study programme machinery enthusiasts

As a dual student of mechanical engineering, you’ll be working in various departments. In Technology, Development and Quality Assurance, you take on your own projects right from the start, putting your technical knowledge directly into practice as soon as possible. During your studies at the Private Hochschule für Wirtschaft & Technik (PHWT), you will be receiving your bachelor’s degree and also getting trained in milling machine technology, gaining even more specialist skills thanks to our cooperation with an external training workshop. Are you particularly interested in production processes? Then we’d be happy to have you in one of our production facilities with a specialisation of your choice.

Start your studies at hansa‑flex

Hansa‑flex benefits

A study programme chock-full of advantages

  • Fit with HANSA‑FLEX

    Get training and keep fit with Qualitrain and Hansefit at all our partner locations.

  • Commuting allowance

    Get a portion of your travel expenses reimbursed in addition to your net salary.

  • Socialising at company events

    Attend our regular company events to get to know other colleagues and socialise with your team.

  • We promote your know-how

    We offer you a plethora of opportunities for further education and training.

How our application process works

Sending your application

Confirmation of receipt

The interview

Your chance at selection day


The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Easily send us your application via our convenient online form. Our colleagues in Recruiting will review your application and forward it to the right department.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

You’ll receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail shortly after submission. We’ll personally get back to you after no later than three weeks.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

We want to get to know you! We invite you to a virtual meeting.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

After a good initial interview, we’ll invite you to our selection day at the head office. Expect puzzles and group tasks where you can show off your skills.

The HANSA‑FLEX Mission Statement group

Welcome to HANSA- FLEX! Receive your employment contract and get to know the team.

Particulars at hansa‑flex

Would you like to know what the first few weeks of your studies are going to be like, how your lessons will be organised and how you’ll become part of the company’s daily routine? Here is an overview of the most important information:

Like our trainees, you’ll take part in various seminars during your studies and be a part of our trainee branch. You can expect to work at various locations:

  • Welcome Seminar in Bremen (one week);
  • Two-day online seminar on the basics of communication;
  • Three-day seminar in Dresden for the basics of fluid technology and hydraulic line equipment;
  • One fortnight’s placement in our trainee branch, where you’ll work independently with our customers, have shared accommodated in a flat with other trainees and us covering travel costs to and from the trainee branch, including meal allowances.

We pay all university fees so you can study in peace. You only have to pay the semester fee, which is due every six months and varies from university to university but will be communicated to you before you start your studies. You’re also completely free during the theory phase of your studies.

You can also earn your own money as a dual student at HANSA‑FLEX. We pay the following gross salaries during your training years:

  • 875 euros in the first year of study
  • 925 euros in the second year of study
  • 1025 euros in the third year of study
  • 1075 euros in the fourth year of study

In our in-house classes, we’ll show you the various business areas, giving you an in-depth look into the HANSA‑FLEX family and how all our gears mesh together.

We offer you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge even after you graduate. You can spend six to twelve months with us on an itinerant year abroad, attend internal training courses or take part in external sessions.

Start your career now at hansa‑flex