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Faster to the desired product with the hose line configurator

The HANSA‑FLEX hose line configurator is a real milestone. With our digital hydraulic hose configurator, you can easily configure (hydraulic) hose lines yourself. In five steps, you can create your customised product online from around 90 hoses and 600 fittings in just a few minutes. Order with shipping or click & collect and place repeat orders with just two clicks thanks to X-CODE.

Configure now

Individual hose assemblies in the best hansa‑flex quality

Take advantage of the digital hose line configurator and benefit from analogue craftsmanship, because each of your individually configured hose lines is hand-assembled by our quality assemblers.

  • Select and customise

    Choose from around 90 hoses and 600 fittings and configure them individually.

  • Also mobile usable

    Configure conveniently on the move using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Click & Collect Option

    Collection within 60 minutes of ordering from one of our 200 branches.

  • Reorder with two clicks

    With the X-CODE you can reorder hose assemblies with two clicks.

Configure hose assemblies in five easy steps

The HANSA‑FLEX hose line configurator has a clear user interface and guides you through the five individual steps with helpful tips, so that configuring your individual hose line is completely straightforward.

Step 1: Set the basic data

Enter or select nominal width, maximum dynamic operating pressure, hose variant and hose line length. Alternatively, you can also select the hose variant using the search function. The tooltips (i) provide information on the input/selection field.

Step 2: Select the first fitting

The hydraulic hose configurator offers you suitable connection types, connection sizes and connection elbows based on the basic data. You can also optionally use the search function. The entries can be adopted for the second fitting.

Step 3: Select the second fitting

If you want two different fittings and have not taken over the data of the first fitting, select the desired connection type, connection size and connection bend again according to step two.

Step 4: Determine the angle of twist

With two bent fittings, it is possible to enter a torsion angle. The optional input allows values between 0° and 359°. Further information and a dynamic graphic support you in determining the torsion angle.

Step 5: Select accessories and complete the order

In the last step, you can choose an optional hose guard, check everything again, choose shipping or Click & Collect and order. You can also add further accessories from the online shop after completing the configuration.

Extensive configuration options

  • Many areas of application

    The wide definition range of the parameters in the hose line configurator enables the individual configuration of hose lines for most common hydraulic applications.

    •  A total of around 90 hose materials
    • Nominal diameters from 6 mm to 32 mm
    • Temperature range from – 40° C to + 100° C
    • Lengths between 400 mm and 40,000 mm
    • Maximum dynamic operating pressure up to 500 bar
  • Hydraulic hose variants

    The hose configurator automatically provides the appropriate hydraulic hose variants for selection based on the nominal width and the maximum dynamic operating pressure. Which hose variant is the best option in each case depends on the individual requirements.

    • Elastomer hydraulic hoses for the most common requirements
    • Compact hoses for tight installation space, for example in mobile hydraulics
    • Thermoplastic hoses for particularly low weight
  • Fittings and connection types

    The hose line configurator automatically compiles a clear selection of fittings and connection types from around 600 materials that optimally match the configured hose. For quicker identification of the desired product, both the standard market designation and the HANSA‑FLEX designation are listed in the selection menu.

    • Press nipples for medium and high pressure applications
    • Press fittings type Interlock for extreme loads
    • Non-peel press frames as well as peel press frames
  • Hose protection and safety accessories

    Hydraulic hose lines can be damaged by thermal or mechanical stress. The hose protection accessories that can be optionally selected in the hose line configurator protect hose lines from abrasion stress and help prevent personal injury.

    • Heat-resistant plastic scuff protection coil up to 120° C
    • Nylon protective hose for protection against oil jet injuries
    • Particularly robust scuff protection coil made of spring steel wire

Discover the possibilities of the hose line configurator


Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions about the hose line configurator. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

The length of the hose line is measured from the connection of the first fitting to the connection of the second fitting. In the case of curved fittings, it is measured in the middle of the connection; in the case of straight fittings, the complete connection (without nut) is included. More information on this can be found in the “Good to know” brochure.

The maximum dynamic working pressure is the highest pressure that a hose assembly can withstand without being damaged. The maximum operating pressure of a hose assembly must at least correspond to the highest operating pressure of the system in which it is used. The maximum operating pressure of the configured hose assembly is determined on the basis of the components selected in the configurator.
Komponenten wird der maximale Betriebsdruck der konfigurierten Schlauchleitung ermittelt.

The twist angle (V-angle) comes into play when a hose assembly is configured with two bent fittings. The specification of the twist angle is necessary if the second bent fitting is to be mounted on the hose at a different angle in relation to the first. The V-angle is determined counterclockwise and on the basis of DIN 20066. If no twist angle is specified in the hose line configurator, both bend fittings are mounted on the hose in the same orientation.

The X-CODE is a six-digit alphanumeric code that clearly identifies HANSA‑FLEX hose assemblies by imprint or label. Each X-CODE is unique and defines the respective hose assembly.

The configurable hose lines are suitable for many common applications in stationary as well as mobile hydraulics, where hydraulic oils are used in the temperature range from – 40 to + 100 degrees. The wide range of configuration options covers a multitude of different application scenarios from the low to the high pressure range.

  • Nominal diameters from 6 mm to 32 mm
  • Lengths from 400 mm to 40,000 mm
  • Pressure range from up to 500 bar

The hose assemblies you assemble are manufactured at your local HANSA‑FLEX branch. Localised production enables short delivery routes and protects the environment. By the way: HANSAFLEX technicians professionally assemble and test your hose assemblies by hand and to the highest quality standards.

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