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Metal, plastics, glass and paper

In the metal, plastics, glass and paper industries, high pressures and tight cycle times cause high wear on hydraulic components. With a proven hose management system and manpower for maintenance and servicing, HANSA‑FLEX ensures short downtimes and thus high plant efficiency. Find out how HANSA‑FLEX supports customers as a one-stop partner in the operation, optimisation and conversion of plants.

Silent night, busy night

KKF Fels GmbH commissioned HANSA-FLEX to change the hose on an injection moulding machine

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Close proximity, short response times

BSH Hausgeräte benefits from the full-service offer

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Versatility PURe and simple

One of the world's leading manufacturers of the plastic polyurethane (PUR) is Hennecke GmbH in Sankt Augustin near Bonn in…

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