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The right connection with hydraulic adapters from hansa‑flex

Adapters create a safe and leak-free connection between components with differing thread types. HANSA‑FLEX offers an extensive portfolio of hydraulic adapters, such as threaded or transition adapters in all common connection forms and meeting all standards, as well as special forms including 45° SAE connections. With a zinc-nickel surface coating, the adapters also have an extremely high corrosion resistance against red rust.

Hydraulic components reliably and safely connected

There are no limits to the possibilities open to you for all types of connections with adapters from HANSA‑FLEX.

  • Reliably connect different thread types

    Adapters are required when hydraulic components with different connection types need to be reliably joined in mobile or industrial hydraulics. Adapters create a reliable, sealed transition between different connector types and enable the cost-effective adaptation of hydraulic components of different designs or from different manufacturers. HANSA‑FLEX supplies a wide range of adapters. These allow adaptation of any commercially available connector, including inch and metric thread types. In addition to connection types such as JIC (37° ISO 8434-2), ORFS (flat seal ISO 8434-3), BSP (60° ISO 8434-6/BS 5200) and NPT/F (SAE J514), HANSA‑FLEX also offers special types including 45° SAE connections.

  • Built for extreme use environments and high loadings

    Hydraulic connectors such as adapters find use in challenging applications and are exposed to extreme loads including, for example, oscillations and vibrations. Therefore all HANSA‑FLEX products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. As part of our quality assurance system, we carry out extensive testing and thus ensure that adapters can fulfil their role reliably. All adapters are available in steel with a zinc-nickel surface coating as standard. This guarantees high corrosion resistance to red rust of up to 1,500 h. On request, these adapters are also available in other materials such as stainless steel for maximum service life, even under the harshest conditions of use.

  • Technical advice from hydraulics experts

    HANSA‑FLEX offers you not only a wide range of high-quality hydraulic adapters but also extensive technical advice [Link to contact details] about adapting your hydraulic systems. We take care to ensure that adapters are not only mechanically suitable but also reliably fulfil their intended function. With this in mind, our experienced fluid technology experts check through your engineering drawings and produce the precise technical solution that most efficiently covers your requirements. Whether you want to connect European and Asian systems, use a combination of different adapters or need to develop a special solution, no technical challenge is too great for us.

Optimum flow and leak-proof positive-fit connections

HANSA‑FLEX adapters meet the highest quality demands in all areas of mobile and industrial hydraulics and ensure safe, reliable connections.

  • Reliable functionality

    Designed with a 4-fold safety factor for the design working pressure

  • Dependable product quality

    Manufactured in the proven HANSA‑FLEX quality including extensive tests

  • Durable materials

    Ozone-resistant O-rings and high corrosion resistance against red rust

  • Easy assembly

    The adapters are designed in such a way that they can be quickly and safely installed.

The hansa‑flex adapter range

  • BSP and BSPT in accordance with ISO 8434-6 (BS 520

    Adapters in accordance with ISO 8434-6 (BS 5200) with BSP threads have an imperial thread that is compatible with the Whitworth Pipe thread in accordance with DIN 228. In addition to versions with parallel BSP threads (British Standard Pipe thread), we also supply adapters with the tapered BSPT external thread. The connection is made with a 60° sealing cone.

    • Straight construction, elbow (45° or 90°), T, L or cross-shaped
    • Adjustable in direction or installed as bent pipe
    • Push-on, threaded, bulkhead, screw-in or screw-on connectors
    All products
  • JIC adapters in accordance with ISO 8434-2

    Adapters in accordance with ISO 8434-2 with a 37° (74°) sealing cone have a UNF thread (Unified National Fine thread) in accordance with ISO 263 (37° flared connection). The connection is made by the 37° (74°) sealing cone.

    • Straight construction, elbow (45° or 90°), T, L or cross-shaped
    • Push-on, threaded, bulkhead, screw-in or screw-on connectors
    • Adjustable in direction
  • ORFS adapters in accordance with ISO 8434-3

    Adapters in accordance with ISO 8434-3 have a flat elastomeric seal and a UNF thread (Unified National Fine thread) in accordance with ISO 263.

    • Straight construction, elbow (45° or 90°), T, L or cross-shaped
    • Push-on, threaded, bulkhead, screw-in or screw-on connectors
    • Adjustable in direction
  • Adapters for metric threadsetrische Gewinde

    With metric adapters from HANSA‑FLEX, you can securely connect hydraulic components with purely metric threads or metric type threads to components with BSP external threads.

    • Construction forms: straight, 90° elbow
    • Design types: screw-in connections, push-on connections and connectors

Other adapters available from hansa‑flex

  • Adapters with National Pipe Taper (NPT) thread

    The seal of the adapters with the NPT thread commonly seen on the US-American market is achieved by wrapping the external threads with Teflon tape before installation to provide the maximum effective seal between the flanks. The NPT/F adapters have a 60° thread angle.

    • Straight construction, elbow (45° or 90°), T, L or cross-shaped
    • Push-on, threaded, bulkhead, screw-in or screw-on connectors
    • Available with tapered external and external threads
  • Standardised Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) threads

    SAE adapters have cylindrical cone connections with a 45° sealing surface and an O-ring at the sealing collar. SAE adapters with an external thread on the other hand make a metallic seal.

    • Construction forms: straight, 90° elbow
    • Design types: screw-in, screw-on and threaded connectors
    • Materials: steel and brass
  • Adapters with Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) threads

    The JIS thread, which was originally used mainly in Asia, has sealing flank surfaces inclined at 30° (thread angle 60°) and is designed similar to the 37° JIC connection (UNF thread).

    • Straight construction, elbows (45° or 90°)
    • Design types: Screw-in connector, screw-on connector
    • Available in metric and inch thread types
  • Hydraulic adapters for every technical requirement

    HANSA‑FLEX’s product portfolio includes a wide range of adapters for all commonly available types of connection and standards as well as special designs.

    • Available in various materials such as stainless steel and brass
    • Straight construction, elbow (45° or 90°), T, L or cross-shaped
    • Various thread types, e.g. BSP, BSPT, NPT/F, UNF, JIS, SAE and JIC
    • Metallic seal, soft seal and O-ring
    • Connection types include BSP 60°, JIC 37°, ORFS and NPT/
  • Change hoses in seconds with the sskv coupling

    The push-in clamping shell connection developed by HANSA‑FLEX combines the advantages of a coupling and a fitting. A clamping shell secures the connection between plug and sleeve. In addition the SSKV coupling does not add to the size of the connection and can be attached without the need for tools, an unimaginable benefit when installation space is tight.

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