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Work on the major project in bremen is progressing

At Von-Thünen-Straße 14 in the Bremen-Mahndorf industrial estate, a four-part building complex with administration, logistics and production hall and high-bay warehouse is being built on an 18,000 m² site.

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<strong>The major project with an investment volume of around 20 million euros will create more space for the company’s future growth not far from the HANSA-FLEX headquarters. Work is currently underway on the façade and the interior of the administration building, the conveyor technology is being installed in the 28 m high-bay warehouse and the outdoor facilities are being tackled. Completion is scheduled for the end of the year.

<h2>Impressive building complex</h2>
The new site in Bremen is filling up: all four buildings and halls have now gone up and give a good impression of what the finished complex will look like. In the administration building, the interior work is currently being carried out with the dry construction, plumbing, ventilation and heating trades as well as the electrical work, while the weather-resistant sheet metal barrel cladding is being fitted to the outside of the building shell from top to bottom. The fire extinguishing system with pumps was installed in the high-bay warehouse. The work on the logistics and production hall has been completed and handover is scheduled for the end of July.
<h2>Conveyor technology flying high</h2>
Work is also in full swing in the high-bay warehouse. The conveyor technology is currently being set up. A 70 m high crane is visiting the construction site for this purpose. Its task is to bring in the four storage and retrieval machines through the openings provided in the roof and place them on the rails. In future, the rail-guided, single-track storage and retrieval vehicles will transport the goods stored on the pallets and serve the more than 18,000 storage locations in the high-bay warehouse. Thanks to their space-saving design, the storage and retrieval machines make optimum use of the tight space in the warehouse and ensure a high turnover rate with their fully automated technology. “Each storage and retrieval machine consists of a travel and lifting unit as well as a load handling unit. These modules are assembled on site and lowered into the aisles of the high-bay warehouse after a panoramic flight at a height of almost 30 m above the hall,” explains Wolfgang Becker, Construction Project Manager.

<h2>End in sight</h2>
The work in the high-bay warehouse should be fully completed by the end of December, while the administration building will be finished in October. “This means we are right on schedule,” says Becker happily. The outdoor facilities on the site are currently being landscaped, trees are being edged and access roads are being concreted.

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