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Training starts on 01.08. – the new trainees are on board

The time has finally come again: the start of training at HANSA-FLEX. 39 new trainees and dual students started their trainee adventure at HANSA-FLEX throughout Germany – 15 of them in Bremen.

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At the head office, our trainees Artur Makarov, Julian Lange, Janik Schwiebert and Lilly Hoy from the higher year groups joined forces to form an organizing team and organized and carried out the first training day for the new Bremen trainees.

At the beginning, the newcomers learned more about the company from the older trainees and received a safety briefing. They then had breakfast together with board member Florian Wiedemeyer, who talked about his own career at HANSA-FLEX and answered a wide range of questions.

After breakfast, the trainers of the new trainees joined them in the WorkCafé. In teams of two (trainers and trainees), bridges were built from old order picking slips. The winner, Leonie Metzner, together with her trainer Dominik Kunow, built the sturdiest and longest structure and won a basket full of goodies for her department. Her new colleagues at MHS were delighted with the surprise.


Before heading to L’Osteria for lunch, the trainees got to know the Youth Training Representation (JAV) and received their work clothes.
The first working day ended for the new arrivals with a tour of the two head office buildings and an introduction to the first departments.

Many thanks to the organization team, who were able to take away the excitement of the new trainees on the first day and were available to answer all questions. We wish all trainees an exciting start to their careers and a great training period at HANSA-FLEX!

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  • A donation of 7,500 euros to Trauerland e. V.

    The HANSA-FLEX Foundation supports professional grief counseling for children and young people so that they can draw new strength and confidence.
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  • Keeping the world in motion

    Just a stone’s throw away from Hamburg airport is a city within the city – the head office of Lufthansa Technik AG. HANSA-FLEX supplies a large number of products, including several that are incorporated into the test benches.
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  • Hansa-flex football tournament 2023: many goals for a good cause

    After a three-year break due to the pandemic, the HANSA-FLEX Football World Cup finally took place again this year. 33 teams from 22 nations played for victory in the 18th tournament. The venue was Bremen, the headquarters of the company.
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