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Experience preventive maintenance up close: 360° industrial service

Have you ever wondered what our industrial service is all about and what services are hidden behind it?

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<strong>Our colleague Stefan, the industrial service manager in the Osnabrück area, will be happy to take you on a virtual tour of a branch and our customer Miele.</strong>

In addition to equipping all hydraulic systems with hose lines, we also carry out the inspection of all lines. Miele and HANSA-FLEX jointly use the My.HANSA-FLEX customer portal to document the inspections and thus jointly monitor the systems and plan upcoming assignments – but see for yourself.

Our customer Allcons has also given us a look behind the scenes – accompany one of our service technicians in his day-to-day work. You can find more 360° films and insights into our range of services on our YouTube channel.


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  • Efficient hose management

    GKN benefits from seamless interaction between company and service provider
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  • A digital revolution in industrial operations

    With its mobile Quadriga platform the M-Group is revolutionising the maintenance of brickwork in industrial furnaces: a remote-controlled robot with a hydraulic hammer carries out previously manual damage-repair work more safely and cost-effectively.
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  • Close proximity, short response times

    BSH Hausgeräte benefits from the full-service offer
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