About us

The importance of fluid technology is still growing worldwide and with it the user expectations of HANSA-FLEX customers in all sectors of the economy. Today, HANSA-FLEX is Europe's leading supplier of fluid power systems and a value-adding partner for high-performance companies of all sizes. We focus on international growth while simultaneously expanding its product range. We will continue on our path to becoming one of the world's leading system suppliers for hydraulics. The increased focus on future markets in the Middle East and Asia is an important step in this direction.

The principle of success is called system partnership

It is the breadth and depth of the products and services that make the company a valued partner today. Because in a key technology such as hydraulics, solutions from a single source are preferred. Our close network of subsidiaries opens the door to the hydraulics service world of HANSA-FLEX for you.


Our customers' machines, plants and systems must run

Safely and reliably, around the clock. Availability counts, downtimes are costly. We promise all our customers rapid service of high quality, reducing downtimes. The safety of people and environment is anchored in our quality promise, which is why we only produce and deliver components of highest quality. Our responsibility is far-reaching. It presupposes that every employee has specialist skills, a high level of motivation, entrepreneurial thinking, the ability to work in a team and constant learning.