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HF-form: connecting pipes safely and permanently

The HF-Form forming system developed by HANSA-FLEX with integrated over-mounting protection and two or three sealing zones simplifies the assembly of pipe systems: The pipes are screwed together with a standardized union nut – without special parts or special tools. The absence of a cutting ring also reduces the risk of incorrect installation. Another advantage is that planning changes to the design are not necessary.

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Forming system from HANSA-FLEX

Fastening pipes without special parts and special tools

  • Pressed into shape

    The HF-Form is a forming system developed by HANSA-FLEX in which a machine specially designed for this purpose presses the pipe ends into the specified contour using a punch. This creates a 24° connection in accordance with DIN ISO 8434-1 using the solid forming process, which enables the pipe and pipe fitting to be connected using a union nut. Compared to other forming solutions, the HANSA-FLEX forming system offers a very short clamping length. This means that the pipe can be bent to the customer’s requirements shortly after forming so that tight installation situations can be realized.

  • Easy to install

    No cutting ring, flanging or welding: with the HF form, pipes are securely and firmly screwed to the mating body using a union nut. The assembly step for attaching a cutting ring is no longer necessary. This saves time and increases process reliability. Costly special functional parts such as special assembly nuts or special seals are also not required for assembly, unlike with forming systems from other manufacturers: The formed pipes can be combined with standard parts such as a union nut standardized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8434-1 and standardized O-rings.

  • Reliably tight

    With two or three sealing zones, the forming system offers long-term protection against leaks: in addition to the option of supporting the sealing system with an elastomer seal in the form of an O-ring for large diameters, the elastomer seal is not required for small diameters as the two metallic sealing zones are designed redundantly. These sealing zones ensure operation and provide perfect installation safety in compliance with all standards. In numerous tests in the accredited test laboratory of the International Hydraulics Academy (IHA) and at HANSA-FLEX, the HF-Form has clearly exceeded the normative requirements and thus confirmed its reliability.

Your advantages with the HF-form

New standards for tightness, purity, reliability and ease of installation

  • Simple and safe installation

    No cutting ring, special tools or special parts – this saves time and reduces the error rate.

  • Best compatibility

    Combination with standard parts, no design adjustments necessary during planning

  • Optimized flow behavior

    Very low turbulence and therefore fewer foreign objects thanks to reduced compression bag

  • Maximum security

    Three sealing zones and integrated over-mounting protection, confirmed by accredited test laboratories.

Developed by experts

Resilient, safe, reliable: The HF shape meets the highest requirements

  • In contrast to solutions from other manufacturers, the HANSA-FLEX forming system is installed without any special components such as special nuts or special seals. The union nut, which is standardized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8434-1 and proven in the assembly of pipe fittings, is used to connect the formed pipe. We also use standard parts for the elastomer seal: instead of special seals for different media and temperature ranges, standardized O-rings made of Viton or NBR are used. This allows companies to benefit from simplified warehousing, lower costs and uncomplicated global procurement – a major advantage, especially in the event of unplanned repairs and maintenance work.

  • The material incidence caused by the tube forming process is particularly low with the HF shape. The compression bag, which is reduced to a minimum, and the small gap dimensions significantly improve the flow behavior in the pipe: pressure and associated power losses caused by turbulence are thus consistently reduced.

    • Sehr gute Durchflussrate
    • Optimale Lenkung des Volumenstroms
    • Vermeidung von Kavitationen
  • Comprehensive laboratory analyses to test technical cleanliness in accordance with VDA Volume 19 have shown that the significantly less pronounced compression bag of the HF shape simplifies cleaning. This is because less foreign matter can accumulate inside the pipe due to the shallow contour depth. This is a major advantage during operation because flushing programs work more efficiently.

    • Low accumulation of foreign bodies thanks to the reduced compression bag
    • Easier cleaning and more efficient washing processes
    • Technical cleanliness confirmed by comprehensive laboratory tests
  • When installing formed pipes, companies can make full use of the HANSA-FLEX range: Thanks to in-house production, incompatibilities or unclear responsibilities in the event of a warranty claim are a thing of the past.
    <li>Installable pipes with HF shape from the HANSA-FLEX range</li>
    <li>Pipe forming according to individual customer requirements</li>
    <li>Available for heavy and light sizes</li>
    <li>Forming of DIN EN 10305-4 steel pipes in the qualities E235+N (ST37.4), galvanized or black and stainless steel pipes (1.4404/1.4571)</li>

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