We bear responsibility as a part of society

As a family business, we see ourselves as part of society and would like to actively participate in it. We therefore support various cultural projects, clubs of various sports and are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We try to achieve a balanced support in these three areas so that as many members of our society as possible can participate. 
Our commitment to art and culture underscores our activities in an area outside the normal course of business. They range from supporting cultural events to holding our own exhibitions.
Nowadays, sporting activities and events are often not feasible without sponsors. They are based on the mutual commitment of all those involved. For HANSA-FLEX, therefore, sports sponsorship is much more than just a static element of corporate communication. It is a dynamic process that focuses support increasingly on children and young people.
Social commitment has been a high priority in HANSA-FLEX's sponsoring activities ever since. Social action makes it possible to strengthen a partnership between business and the social sector. This includes in particular our annual fundraising campaign "Donations instead of gifts", in which we avoid the unnecessary production of promotional gifts and donate the budget to a charitable cause. You can participate in the decision making process yourself, please visit our campaign page "Donations instead of gifts"